Vendor rules

Collison Zoo  Expo Rules/Vendor agreement
1. Tables will not be considered reserved until paid for.
2.Absolutly no venomous reptiles allowed (Including rear fanged). This includes inside the venue and parking lot.
3.Show hours are from 10 till 3 Saturday and 10 till 3 Sunday. Vendors are expected to stay until the end of the event. Set up will be 7 till 9:30 Saturday and 8 till 9:30 Sunday. Any tables left empty after 9:45 will be considered a no show.
4.Animals must be healthy and displayed in clean /suitable and secure containers. No loose animals. Any animal left overnight that escapes will be donated to silent auction to benefit USARK.
5.Any native or protected species must not be sold or displayed without proper legal documentation from buyer and seller. DNR and Fish and Wildlife Officers will be present on site.
6.There will be no admittance to the building after show hours Saturday
7.One Vendor badge will be issued per purchased table. No Sharing of vendor badges. Additional badges can be purchased as needed.
8.Vendors that sell friends animals or on consignment will responsible for all sales of their table. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.
9.All dogs must be approved prior to show or they will not be allowed. No exceptions
10. All sales will be conducted inside the venue. NO PARKING LOT SALES ALLOWED.
11.All vendors will be expected to have a tablecloth and an attractive display.
12.All vendors are responsible for knowing their animal and tax laws and will be held responsible for any damages done by the animals
13. No live feedings during the show.
14.Any subleasing of vendor space must be approved by the show promoter.
15. Vendors shall hold reptile expo, the show promoters and staff harmless besides table rental. The Show reserves all rights to Evict vendors for not complying to above rules.
16. We reserve right to deny entry to anyone as we see fit.

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