Welcome to CollisonZoo, home of the Kalamazoo Reptile Expo,  Goshen Reptile Expo, Michigan City Reptile expo, and , Lafayette Reptile Expo and CollisonZoo, our petting zoo.  CollisonZoo started out as a small home-based vendor in 1999, selling cornsnakes, kingsnakes and bearded dragons.  We then decided to coordinate our own show, starting the Kalamazoo Reptile Expo in 2001.  The early years we had a handful of vendors, and about 70 people who attended.  Since then, we’ve grown to over 40 vendors as well as seen crowds of over 1500 people attending.

In 2017, we expanded our base to include Goshen, Indiana.  With the previous success of the Kalamazoo Reptile Expo, the Goshen Reptile Expo started out with a bang, with over 600 people attending and over 20 vendors as soon as the doors opened.

Information on both shows can be found under the respective tabs.

CollisonZoo is still going strong today, in the form of our petting zoo, which can be booked by contacting us through the website, facebook, or by phone.  More information on our petting zoo can be found under the CollisonZoo tab!

We can also be found on Facebook, check us out and like us on Facebook!


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